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Proofing System

Trade Secret Prepress is powered by HEIDELBERG, AGFA ApogeeX workflow
and the SCREEN ULTRA 16000 PlateSetter
Our Prepress is Renowned for it's Cutting Edge Technology and Turnaround.


All our proofs are output from the same Raster files that are used for making plates, ensuring the highest possible level of integrity in a proof. This process eliminates any “surprises” on printed pieces due to using different proofing workflow RIPs.

For high-resolution colour contract proofs the raster files are colour managed to NASS (North American Sheetfed Standard) profiles, and output on dual Epson 9800’s.

For every job a low-resolution proof is output, backed up, folded and trimmed as a mockup for proofing page trim, page order and content.

On request, or as turnaround time dictates, single page or imposed PDFs proofs can be emailed or downloaded to be annotated or approved.


  • 1 – Epson 11880 – 60” Hi res 12 up “contract” inkjet proofer
  • 2 – Epson 9800 Hi res 8 up “contract” inkjet proofers
  • 2 – Agfa Sherpa 43 Lo res 8 up “imposition” inkjet proofers
  • 1 – HP 5500 double sided 8 up “imposition” inkjet proofer


  • PDF:   v. 1.3 - 1.9 & X1
  • Quark:   v 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: PC & Mac
  • Indesign:   v.CS, CS2, CS3, CS4: PC & Mac
  • Illustrator:   v11, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4: PC & Mac
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint:   PC & Mac
  • Corel:   v.13 & WordPerfect
  • Freehand MX  


FTP upload is "blind" meaning that neither you, nor our customers can see your uploads.

Email to for any FTP upload issues or to have your own self-managed FTP account.



  • Using Internet Explorer type this address in the
  • Address (URL) bar:
  • When prompted enter the following information:
  • Username:   upload
  • Password:   files

Yes! We can output files with transparencies!